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At Whole Person Care a range of holistic healing modalities -- homeopathy, naturopathy and intuitive counselling -- are employed.

I want to get to know you and what makes you unique.

It's the same approach when caring for your dog or cat. 

Homeopathy has been clinically used in a safe and effective manner for over 200 years. Since homeopathy works on a deep core level it neither causes side effects nor is it contraindicated with pharmaceutical drugs.

A homeopathic remedy covers all aspects of one’s being -- the mind, body, emotions and one's innate vitality.

Whether I am working with a human client or one of your furry friends, such as your cat or dog, I always seek to understand what is at the core of the issue. I take the time to deeply appreciate how all of the symptoms and experiences relate to one another into a comprehensive idea -- the big picture -- of what is really going on. 

We can't treat just the parts. We must treat the whole being. 

What to expect in a session for yourself

Each session lasts about 1 1/2 hours. The initial session is the first step to "getting to know you." You will also be getting to know me too and the way that I work. Many people describe homeopathy as a kind "therapy." And in many ways, it does feel that way. This is an opportunity for you to talk about all your bumps, bruises, physical woes and emotional challenges. At length. With no judgment, in a compassionate space.  

The session starts with "what is bothering you the most." And from there we explore how you are feeling, your challenges and strengths. I also ask, "is there anything else you want to work on?" It's a reflective process. 

After the session, I will continue to work and reflect on what we talked about. I don't like to make hasty choices about homeopathic remedies. I need a bit of time to research and integrate our session together. To get a clear, big picture, whole person perspective. Once I have gleaned this broad and dynamic perspective, I will suggest a homeopathic remedy for you. A remedy that best supports your own innate capacity to heal and bring balance.

It's all a process. 

After the first session, I see clients every 4 to 6 weeks. As you begin to feel better and better, we schedule the sessions further apart. 

The experience of homeopathy is a chance to understand yourself better. To be more self-aware.

Homeopathic remedies assist our systems to better adapt, to be more resilient.

After a homeopathic remedy, we feel we have more energy. Less stuck. We begin to embody a refreshed, expansive perspective on life. Physical health problems also feel less painful or they occur less and less frequently. Symptoms steadily and consistently, start to fade away. And in its place, better and better health for you.