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Dot Wojakowski 

Homeopath, naturopath, active listener. 


We don’t treat parts. We treat the whole being.

At Whole Person Care, I aim to work with you in a collaborative manner, putting you in the driver's seat of your own process. You may have been given a particular diagnosis or labelled with a particular condition. Now ask yourself: does it fully describe your experience and how you are feeling?

In homeopathy, we're interested in understanding the "big picture" of your experience. How do all those themes and symptoms link together into a complex tapestry that is you? Together, we engage in a holistic process where we talk: you tell me about what is bothering you the most, what is going on in your life, etc. 

The idea is that with your active participation in the session, I can appreciate what is your unique experience. And so will you. 

I'm always coming from a place of compassion and non-judgment. That is the best way. 

We find solutions together. 

From that profound understanding, a homeopathic remedy can be chosen that best supports your innate vitality. The remedy links and covers not only your physical symptoms but also what your mind is thinking, your perceptions and how you are feeling. 

The whole being is taken into account. And addressed. 

Every healing process begins with building self-awareness.

This is one of the keys to living well. As you expand your awareness of who you are, it will bring clarity, strength and resilience. With clarity, you can make more affiriming and conscious choices.

You begin to choose what aspects of your life you want to engage in. Avoid those you know will bring you unnecessary stress. 

Freedom, optimism, passion, mindfulness and vitality, they are not just buzzwords. They are the keystones to living well.  

And I'm here to get you there.